Test Ad

Hi, when writing my test ad, should I use the lot rent as the monthly rent or should I use the lot rent PLUS the rent credit/note payment? The mobile home park in question has a lot rent of $320 and note payments of $180, so should it read like so?

ELSMERE, KY, 2-3 bedroom mobile home for sale or rent for $500/mo, includes utilities and lot rent. 555-555-5555

…or should I use $320 as the rent?

And I’m curious if the area code matters. I have a google phone number for this purpose, but it is for San Diego. Will callers care? If so, I can create another google account for another phone number in the appropriate city (Elsmere was just an example).


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I would do total payment = it will be more accurate of an ad.

Mark -

Get yourself a ‘Burner’ number. Download the ‘Burner’ app onto your smart phone and create an area code-appropriate phone number in real time. You can keep it going for a week to see how many calls you get, then ‘burn’ it and forget it.



Definitely gonna try out this app. Thanks for sharing Jefferson!

Burner number – what a great tip.

If you are putting your test ad on CraigsList, I find having photos make a big difference. If you don’t have any generic interior photos handy, they are easy to come by on that thing called the internet.

Thanks everyone for the advice, I really appreciate it!

Google Voice also has numbers you can use - that are wonderful - we are running our office on them. It transcribes the VM and texts it to you - and it is also unanimous.

I also use Google Voice and can 100% agree with Brad. It is an awesome piece of software to use. Hard part is you can only have 1 Google Voice per Google account. However, you can remove it from you account when you’re “done” with it and get another at a later time.

Between this and Burner (Thanks for the tip Jefferson!) I don’t think there is an area code that isn’t attainable.