Test Ad

I am in the due diligence process on 2 parks right now and I was going to place a test ad.  On one of the calls I thought it was mentioned to place a Craigslist Ad instead of a Newspaper Ad to keep up with the times.  So I have 3 Questions:1.  Where should I place the test ad, CL or NP? 2.  What all goes into a good test ad and is there an example? 3.  How do I calculate the rent amount I advertise with?  The Due Diligence manual has $495 per month but I wasn’t sure how to make sure that number was appropriate for the city the parks are in.  Thanks. 

  1. CraigsList2. Your ad should show a picture of the mobile home available (or a similar one) state the price and location and that it is available rent or rent to own.  It should have your phone and/or email.  Look at your local CraigsList under ‘Housing’ and you’ll see similar ads for mobile homes in your area.  Leads should be turned over to the park owner so he/she can follow up with residents.3. Again, look at CraigsList (and your local newspaper) to see what comparable mobile homes rent for.  Pricing it $5 below the ‘threshold’ is a good idea (e.g. $495 instead of $500).Good luck,-jl-