Test ad pulling

If a CL test ad pulled 8 calls in about 7 hours on its first day, it would seem pretty strong to me and also perhaps show that the current POH rental rate is too cheap.What is the benchmark for “exceptional” demand? Trying to gauge if this level of demand would be worth paying a bit more for. My gut tells me yes. Brad

Yes.20 calls/week is ‘good’ and you can be confident that you’ll be able to rent your vacancies in 60 days.You rarely get 20 calls/week.  You either get <5, and drop the deal, or get >35, and definitely move forward on the deal.We purchased a MHP four months ago that received 68 responses/week from it’s test ads.  Everything else about the deal checked out, so we bought it.  It came with four vacant pads.  We started running ads on CL for our vacant lots and that we would pay for the move of a MH into our park.  So far we’ve filled one of those vacancies, and have taken applications and deposits on two more…(!)  This is unprecedented demand, but it looks likely that we will be able to fill all four vacancies in the first 6 months with folks moving-in their own homes.  One of which may be a brand-new doublewide.To your continued success,-jl-P.S. we use the Burner app to create local phone numbers for people to dial.  We then turn over those leads to the park owner to follow up on.  It can help to get the park fuller while you are are in the due diligence phase.  It’s also the right thing to do to not leave those interested parties hanging.