Test Ad Phone Number

While I don’t yet have a park identified, I’d like to run a few test ads in different markets to “practice” and get a feel for how that works.

I thought I would try a Google Voice number and route the calls to it from a Craigslist ad. Since Google lets me choose only number, does the area code matter? Should it be local to the park location?

Google will let me change the number for $10, so I guess I could easily change the number each time I’m testing a new market, if the area code is important. I’m just trying to figure out the best way to set this up in the beginning.

I’m open to any other advice, options for setting up phone numbers/voicemail, etc… Thanks for your thoughts.

If all you want to do is test the market, why don’t you just post some ads on the local craigslist in that market? It’s an easy and free way to test the market as well as specific language/messaging.

A better option is burner app. You can download this on your cell and it’s a lot less of a pain in the butt than a Google number. A generic phone number from Burner costs around $3 and you just discard it when you are done with your add. It tracks phone numbers, receives texts, records voice mail, etc so it does everything you need for a test ad.

The area code really doesn’t matter that much, but I would use a local number if given the option to do so.

+1 for the burner app.

To get a complete picture I typically run a local ad in the paper, craigslist, and postlets. Some people in odd markets will do bandit signs, but I haven’t had demand concerns to the point I’ve needed to go to those lengths - yet.

Thanks guys. That’s great advice. I’m going to give Burner App a look.

That’s what I did also. That way you can choose the correct area code.