Test Ad, Fraud, part 2

There is one other topic that was not raised in the earlier Test Ad fraud thread that needs to be raised.

The new topic is the damage to other investors. Most investors follow the law and run a responsible business. The responsible investors must compete against the investors who run the illegal fraudulent test ads. This is not fair to the responsible investors. This includes myself and many other investors. All investors are required to run their business within the existing laws and play by the same rules.

This also brings a new perspective onto the damages resulting from the illegal fraudulent test ads. When one party uses illegal fraudulent techniques to give them an advantage to purchase a mhp, then the other investors who were attempting to purchase the mhp have a valid claim against that party. The damages could be in the millions on a single transaction. When a party is using the same illegal fraudulent test ads on multiple transactions, the damages grow rapidly.

If you also consider the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) which allows 3x damages to be awarded, the damages become much higher. I believe a judge or jury will decide whether to award 3x damages available under the DTPA. I would not want to be the person standing in front of a judge and jury saying