Terminating Lease

Received calls from two tenants in one of my family parks this morning. A new tenant with a 2 year lease just moved in and according to various sources, had a party/drunken brawl where the cops came out 3 times and a guest was run over by a car. One of my tenants has threatened to move out over the incident. My rules are clear about keeping quiet after hours and being responsible for the conduct of guests.

This is the first incident in my relatively new park ownership career. My question is what is the best way to terminate the lease? Certified letter, attorney involvement, or ???

I assume your Park has rules that say if your tenants cause disorderly conduct, noise violations, etc of the like where police intervention is needed and citations made then I expect this is a basic violation of your rules and can be used to terminate the lease.

Get a copy of the police report(s) and follow the eviction process in accordance with your state and county laws. If you have not gone through this before then an attorney would be good to guide you.

Curious how well you screened this tenant…this is key so you don’t turn your MHP into a trailer park. Too much of this will cause your good tenants to move out, so get on top of it or it will get on top of you.