Tenant's rights with Water Meters

We are getting ready to start installing water meters at our park and some tenants are saying we have no right to remove their skirting or cut into the lines under their trailers since we do not own either. Are there any legal statute or regulation that states otherwise? Our park is in Kentucky if that makes any difference any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.thank you Luke

since you own the water lines up to the point they connect to the trailer, and you should have the ability to access these whenever repairs/improvements are needed. This is no different than the power company coming on your property to repair lines of even cut trees which you planted.I am no legal expert … Happy 4TH, thanks a vet today for his/her service

While I would definitely talk to the Kentucky MHA – and a licensed Kentucky attorney if you are not 100% confident after that discussion – I would bet that the tenants are crazy on this. You own everything outside of their trailer, and you are free to do whatever you want with proper notice.  They are simply bluffing you because they don’t want you to install the meters and find out that they’re using $300 per month in water.

thanks for the input guys i will keep you posted.