Tenant With No Electricity

My Husband and I just purchased another Mobile Home Park.Our other Mobile Home Park has responsible Owners and Tenants.  Thus, we have not run into this problem.However, our new Park has some not as responsible Owners and Tenants.After purchasing the Park we found out that one of the Tenants does not have electricity and has never had electricity (the Tenant owns the home).Our Tenants are on a 30 Day Month-To-Month Lease.We have sent them a Certified Letter that stated that they had 30 Days to get electricity and underskirting.Well, yesterday was the end of the 30 Days.  I just called the Electricity Company and they still do not have electricity nor have they requested hookup.They are getting Evicted today.However, we were just curious if others have had this issue.I remember that Frank said that they had a Tenant who never hooked up the sewer and that all the sewage just went under the home.  That sounds like a big problem also.Thanks So Very Much!  

I’m not quite sure why you would evict a tenant for no electricity.  That is their prerogative if they do not want it.  The lack of skirting is, however, another matter.  This is something that affects others in the community (visual eyesore and a place for vermin to nest).  That said, you could invest your own capital and install skirting and charge the tenant for it and let them pay it out over, say, 10 months (it’ll probably cost $800 to skirt.  You might charge them $80/month for 10 months).My 2 cents worth,-jl- 

Jefferson, thank you so very much for your post!We greatly appreciate it!You are correct that the electricity does not directly affect the Mobile Home Park where as the lack of skirting does affect the Park and is a visual eyesore.

In most cities, electricity is not optional, as it can violates city law. Without electricity, they will be burning candles and will likely burn the house down, as well as have no way to heat the house or cook. I’m confident that the city inspector will not be happy with tenants without power. Ask Kurt Kelley (or whoever your insurance agent is ) if they feel that having no power is an OK situation to overlook.If they can’t afford electricity or to skirt the trailer, they will probably also be unable to pay rent, so just get it over with and non-renew their lease now and then take the home through abandonment, skirt it, and get a decent tenant in there. Or see if they want to sell it cheap before they leave.There’s an old saying in this industry “it’s easier to change people than to change people”. 

Frank, thank you so very much!The minute the Tenant received their Eviction from the Magistrate then suddenly they installed underskirting and hired an Electrician to get power.  It is amazing how motivated some people get when a Magistrate comes to visit them  :).