Tenant trying to stiff me on plumbing bill

A tenant had a plumbing problem that involved her connection from my water meter to her trailer. The pipe broke. The tenant was told both by park and plumber that repair was her responsibility. Tenant assured park and plumber her church would reimburse park for repair. Tenant now refuses to pay bill saying it is not her responsibility. I’m in Washington state. I’m thinking about applying the $125 plumbing bill against her next rent check. Thoughts ?

What does your lease / rules and regs say? Ours is very clear in his issue and we have no problem adding the bill as a line item on the invoice. I would not charge late fees on the bill unless you have provided for that in the lease or rules and regs.

As a side note- if we have a repair like this we also have a sheet that goes with it that spells out how we get repaid for making the repairs. In some cases, we might spread the payments back to us over 6 or 12 months. This might happen if we need to loan a tenant money to repair electric say. The bill is $1000 and we might charge $100 monthly for 10 months. We also create a note and a lien in this process so we are sure to collect on the cash loaned, or we will get the home.