Tenant roommate won't move

I have a tenant who was incarcerated for awhile and had a relative move in to caretake the place in his absence. He gave us a letter to that effect. He is now released and gave us a new letter stating that she is no longer needed and that he wishes to move back in. She is refusing to move. I had the tenant ask the police and they say it’s the park’s responsibility to kick her out. I’m guessing I would serve her with a “Unlawful Occupant” notice but wanted to check with you guys first. I’m in California. Thanks

It is not the park’s responsibility – it is the tenant’s. If I have the facts correct, the tenant is the person on your lease. He is responsible for the rent. He put the family member in there on a temporary basis. They are now refusing to leave. It is 100% the tenant’s problem. He can go to the house and remove her items and call the police if she attacks him, I guess. But there’s no way that I can figure that it’s the park’s problem, any more than if he went to get in his car and the woman would not get out of the drivers seat or unlock the door. Many times the police don’t want to mess with trailer park domestic problems. I also am not even sure that the tenant is telling you the truth about what the police said. I would call the police yourself before you do anything, and see what they really say. Sound like typical trailer park tenant B.S. to me.

Thanks a lot. I will call the Sheriff myself. Yes, he is on the lease.

Thanks again


I called the Sheriff and was told that because she had lived there over 10 days she had established residency. The tenant’s only recourse was to evict her. The park had no responsibility. Your hunch about the phony story was correct. Thanks again