Tenant is suing

This would be funny if it wasn’t such a pathetic comment on the state of our legal profession.

I have a month to month hold over tenant whom I served a thirty day notice on in the summer of 2007 (for assaulting another tenant and sending her to the hospital) suing me for breach of contract. We made the front page of the local news for that one. Our lease states that you may not use the premises for unlawful purposes and disturbances of the peace causing the police to be called are grounds for termination of the rental agreement and removal of the home from the property.

She claims that since she was paid thru the month of July when I served notice on her to vacate in thirty days (which was up the middle of July), I breached the contract. She removed her home voluntarily without a court order. Mind you, she didn’t leave in July, or in August or in September. and didn’t pay for the months of August or September either. Also she didn’t move the home because she claimed she did not find a mover who would move the home for fear of having it fall apart. So she hired a man to tear down the home on the site, but turned him away the day of demolishion and had her boyfriend and his cronies do the job instead.

Needless to say it was a disaster and the home site was not cleared until September, when i had to move a dumpster in and have it cleaned up myself.

She claims she’s due over 25 K for the loss of the 1970 mobile home she destroyed plus another 25k for intentional infliction of emotional distress

what kind of lawyer accepts this kind of case…geez.