Tenant Bankruptcy

This week we had an interesting situation occur, and if anyone has ever dealt with this we could use some advice.

My parent’s sold a mobile home to a couple on a land contract over a year ago (title to be turned over when paid off in full). Well I received a call from the brother of the buyer yesterday. He claims that his brother sold him the home, and that he needed us to give him proof that he lives there in order to get financial assistance. We were unaware that there was a different family living there. The manager failed to notify us of this, and I found out today they are cousins of the manager. In my opinion the home should not of been sold since it was never paid off in full, and they never received the title from my parents. Here’s where it gets sticky, the couple my parents had the original contract with is going through bankruptcy, which the brother living in the mobile home informed me of on the phone. We have not been officially notified (written notice) by anyone that the couple is in bankruptcy. I did speak with the law firm they are going through,and they were very clear that we are not allowed to contact the couple since they have begun this process. They are behind 2 months in lot rental as well as land contract payments. Does anyone know if we can evict on any basis? We are at a loss as what to do with the brother living there. We are not comfortable signing any paperwork giving him a lease since there is already a land contract out on that home. Any advice would be helpful!