Tenant application 40 year old murder conviction

Hmm, the guy claims to have been rehabilitated and can prove it. Holds down 2 jobs and supports his handicapped kid and wife with health issues. Struck me as a good guy, but that’s pretty hard to look past. Has good income, good work history, etc.

I believe in second chances, but murder??? He’s been out and clean for 20 years, he was 17 and did 20 years.


I would worry about reputation risk with this scenario.

Maybe you evict a tenant and get them pissed off - then they go to the local paper and publish a story on this Park owner that evicts the nice people and lets the murderer stay. Just saying - not likely but crap like that happens and the media loves to spin this stuff to get sales.

If your park is 30% occupied then maybe that risk is worth taking.

I guess I’m going to turn him down. He has a very disabled kid and a wife with some health issues. That’s the only reason I had considered it is the kid. The home he was going to buy has a very wide hallway for a wheelchair, but we’d have to put in a ramp and widen 2 of the doors. I doubt it’s the kind of thing he’d let the park residents know but it’s not worth the risk.


Whenever I get this situation (although I have never had a murderer application), my consideration is my tenants; if this guy ever ended up hurting his neighbor, how would I feel? How would it look/feel that I knowingly let in a person who had committed murder who ended up hurting another resident? As manager I consider it part of my job description to keep riff raff out of the community.

I do think people can change but I can’t imagine feeling good about telling that to a judge.

Hope its a helpful consideration!

We’ve already moved on and sold the home. We get dozens of calls a day for homes. The only reason this one sat for a couple of weeks is its a 1 bedroom.