Technology is amazing

I received a call from a MHP seller who owns a park about an hour away from me, and from all the initial information I got excited. I pulled up the address of the park on Google Maps and clicked “Street view” and was absolutely astounded by the detail and quality of the images I was seeing.

Though satellite imagery has been around for quite a while, it’s often difficult to gain perspective when looking at MHP’s because you have no reference of size of the units, etc. Well now with this street view it’s like you’re walking along next to the park. I could see that there were many old, old 10-wide units crammed together with no room for units even 60 feet in length.

Though I use Google Maps often I did not realize this feature existed. It seems they are always improving the their tools. In this case, a quick look online saved me several hours of wasted time looking at a park I have no interest in.