Tax Strategy Question on Fixxer Uppers parks

Maybe a silly question but will ask it any way. Does anyone try to specifically find a property that is going to be heavy on the expense side where you have to fix a lot of stuff specifically for the reason to offset other properties in a portfolio that are more stable performing/ regular income, less deductions?

I was just thinking about this in overall tax strategy/ planning on the type of property to buy And when to specially buy it? Im not talking about buying a bad deal or overpaying on a bad deal, just having it be more appealing specifically to YOU on your overall portfolio/ strategy?

Don’t let the tax tail drive the deal, but when you are out of depreciation for this, you can put a bunch of money into that and start depreciating it. So yes, if you have tons of income you can plan to invest capital for current expenses expecting future gains. But you could purchase practically anything and get significant depreciation deductions so looking for something extra capital intensive is kinda a small niche to think you’re searching for.


Thank you
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I don’t think so. When you fix up an old mobile home or infrastructure, you are making capital expenses that would then not be ordinary expenses but would go into the assets to be depreciated over time.

When you sold the mobile homes, if over a year later, it would be capital gains or losses, and likely capital gains if you improved the home and then resold it. If it was sold as an installment sale, the gains would be spread out over the life of the note and the interest income realized as it came in.

You might be better off to buy a park that had park owned homes that did not need a lot of work that you kept the park owned homes as rentals and then just depreciated them.

Depending on how you run it, if its on a Schedule E - then passive losses only offset other passive assets.

My suggestion, you get into the cattle business, like I am, and you will never have to worry about being in the black overall again. :slight_smile: