Tax Lien Sale Of MH - Quickest Way To Evict Former Owner

I recently purchased a mobile home in the MHP I own at a county tax lien sale. The delinquent tax payer/owner of this mobile home is a very bad park resident and I would like to force him out of the park. The leases in the park are currently month to month and I didn’t want to force him out with the possibility he would move his mobile home out of the park before I could get it at the tax lien sale.

Now that I own his mobile home, what is the QUICKEST, LEGAL way I can force him to move? Laws vary state to state - the park is located in Pennsylvania. Any advice would be appreciated - especially from someone who has had a similar experience.



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My first approach (and the hardest one to swallow) would be to talk face to face with him and say. I now own this mobile home I purchased it at a tax foreclosure auction. When are you planning on moving? If he says he “ain’t leavin” You say I do not want to have to get the law involved to have you removed from the premises, but I will if necessary. Even though I do not have to do this.How bout I GIVE YOU X days to find a place and if you leave the home broom clean without damaging it. I will meet you here and GIVE YOU $000. to help you out. Quick easy except for your pride and relatively cheap. Ps have him sign in front of a witness that he understands he no longer has any claim to the premisses.

Don - thanks for your input. I don’t like to go this route, either, as it sets a bad precedent for other residents to follow. MHP’s are infamous for the ability of rumors to spread like wildfire, and when everyone hears this news and thinks that they, too can get a few extra bucks by threatening damage, I could be creating a monster. But, it may be the only way…

BTW: I am probably going to insist on entering the MH to take pictures to establish the current condition. Out of curiosity, if there is obvious damage done when they move, is it possible to prosecute for vandalism?