Tales from the front?

I’d like to say I’ve seen everything. I say it every time I see something new and crazier than the last thing, which is to say it just gets better and better. I’m sure this board has some doozies.

I received a text about renting a POH. I told him what I planned to charge for rent. He tried to negotiate (the bathtub sucks and a bedroom is pink?) and I said no. He “flounced” off talking about better deals for his family…6 weeks later… “Is that home still for rent?” I had so many smartass comments for him and I had to keep them to myself. I’m thinking I have a (unspoken) policy where I won’t rent to someone who tries to negotiate. I had someone try that on a single family home then mis-text me about how he had his employer paying for 3 months but after that he had no idea how he was going to make rent.

I was cleaning up the outside of a home where I’d evicted the tenants months earlier. At the time of eviction I knew they had a day or two of a septic issue because the other neighbor who shares a tank reported it, yet the eviction family denied a problem. Anyway, cleaning up and there are some 5 gallon buckets filled with dirt. Funny, I thought, I don’t see them gardening… You know where this is going. The last bucket I tipped over I realized what that “dirt” had been. I had to walk away for a minute but back at it, this is why my parents sent me to college, right, so I could pick up human poop buckets in a trailer park? Anyway, all cleaned up. I was trading “gross” stories with a friend and I told her that one and she had to leave to get sick. I had no idea she was that sensitive as she had her own gross stories but I guess I won that round.