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What does everyone charge for late fee as a % of lot rent? I need to standardize mine, but lowest is $15 on $440 (3.5%) which I would say does not deter many folks — I collect maybe 15% per month late. Going to move that to closer to 10% ($50), but curious where others are at

I am in CA and Late Fees are basically not allowed.

Can I charge them? yes. Do I charge them? No.
Do I tell tenants this? No Way.

Late Fees are a form of liquidated damages. Courts out here (CRAZIFORNIA) have ruled that they are illegal.
If I have charged a late fee and later try to evict someone then I would have to credit the tenant any and all late fees as they are considered “pre-paid rent”.

Have I had this problem? No. Is charging a $25.00 late fee worth losing an eviction? No.
In CA the prevailing party wins Attorney’s fees and almost everyone gets “Free” legal aid. So if I lose I am out my attorney’s fees plus legal aid will likely bill me $5k-$10k for their “Free” service.


I’m in Maine and we are allowed to charge 4% of the delinquent rent.

However, at one of my parks (also in Maine) we have lot rent set at $550/mo but if paid on or before the 7th then there is a courtesy discount of $60 applied, making the total monthly rent due only $490 and the late fee is essentially 11% ($60). This has been tested in court at an eviction hearing and we prevailed.


Louisiana $300-$350 lot rent due on the 1st with a grace period through the 5th. 6th at 12:01am $50 late fee and $10/day until paid in full.


Thankfully I’m in a state that allows late fees. There should always be consequences when someone doesn’t perform. Must have rules and laws in life… it’s just basics to civilization.

For my lot rent tenants I charge $35 late fee. Then a $10/day late fee. For housing tenants, I charge $50 late fee, then $25 per day. Never a fan of percentages, too complicated to calculate and apply. KISS principle. Standardization = ease of business.

But yes, refer to your state laws. They (unfortunately) stick their nose in our business and have rules on amounts and times when late fees can be applied. (But for some reason, they don’t do the same the multibillion dollar banks with respect to mortgages. Good lobbyists I guess!)

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From another poster, it sounds like liberal Crazifornia encourages folks to duck on our paying their bills, and rent. This happens by lackluster enforcement of folks not paying rent, and failure of the courts to empower the wronged party. I guess signing contracts and performing doesn’t mean anything to that state’s leaders.

This is great. It explains why people are moving out of that state, thus reducing their tax base.

And hey what’s next, I get out of paying my mortgage? What about my taxes? And should everyone be entitled to power/electric? And how dare you cut off my power if I don’t pay the utility bill?!? See where I’m going here - their model doesn’t work**. It would bankrupt any entity providing a good or service **

That was a lot of words to answer a simple question…. Appreciate the input - what’s the lot rent that you’re charging $35 on?

Thanks @MikeO i had two parks in ME a few years ago and remember the 4% law…. Not enough IMO and I seem to remember having attorney advice not to include late fees in non-payment proceedings, similar to CA it sounds like.
Thanks @SDGuy as always for the wisdom.


@westewart i know, I’m sorry. Got on a rant. Our LR ranges from $320 to $345/mo.

Our intention is to raise rents 5-7% over the next 12 mos.

Thanks @DaveR! Make sense. Agreed that’s what we’re targeting on the rent raise this year too

Here in NC, legally we can charge 5% up to $25., which we do charge because many people are late after the 5 day grace period. Interestingly, if a tenant gets rental assistance they will deduct any current late fees from the amount that will be given to them, so they’ll have to come up with the late fees before any $ is paid for them.

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Iowa park. Lot rent $350-355, late fee $50

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You cannot make up whatever you want to charge. Some states do not permit late fees, others allow unlimited late fees, and some have a maximum percentage. I would suggest you research the laws of your states and make a business decision that is compatible. Otherwise, you will have challenges during eviction hearings.

Even if your $15 late fee is too small to deter some people, it is additional revenue to pay for extra efforts to manage past due tenants, who take more time compared to those who pay on time.

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Our rent is due by midnight on the 1st, no grace period. Our regulations only allow a $20 admin fee however we can apply to our LTB on the 2nd for collecting of rent owed. The cost for that is $205 and the tenant is responsible for that cost when the board makes their ruling.

$20 first late. $205 for the second late, very seldom late a third time.