Submetering in Ohio -- what you can and cant charge?

Great forum! We own multiple parks in Ohio and were trying to get a handle on the submetering in regards to what we can and cant charge the tenants. few questions I was hoping to get answers too.

  1. Are we allowed to charge a slightly higher rate per gallon to cover any leaks in the main water lines?
  2. can we charge and admin fee and/or service fee to cover the cost of our meters and for reading the meters.
  3. right now our master meter water bill is coming in much higher than what we are charging mainly due to some leaks we have yet to identify. weve got amer leak detectors coming out to help with this issue. In the meantime are we able to charge a surcharge until we get the costs more in line to what we are charging.

Im aware we are not allowed to profit from charging for water but if we charge more per gallon than what the city is charging us , is this still considered a profit even if our total collections dont come close to what our master meter bill is. Would be great to hear from someone with first hand knowledge of the rules and laws for this which IM sure there are many.