Submetering-- How do I do It

I am contemplating sub-metering my 1st park right now. I have water cut-offs under each home but currently pay for the water for all my tenants and we have a master meter that the city reads monthly.

Where do you hook up the meter to read the water usage? Can I sub-meter and then charge the tenant without telling the city that i have submetered so i can take one more expense off my expense acct.

The city has told me that each time a tenant moves out (all my homes are park owned) I have to have a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) which costs me 100 dollars. I don’t have much turnover but I would incur costs every time someone moved out while right now the city doesn’t know when someone moves in or out b/c the water costs are on me.

Just wanted some feedback from more experienced investors as what you would do? I have 15 units only.

Thank you for your feedback