Subdividing MHP Property for Single Family Homes

Does anyone have experience subdividing parcels to create separate parcels of land away from a MHP? If you wanted to subdivide to remove a SFH from a park to be able to sell the SFH separately.

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You have to be careful doing this depending on when your park was built and how much land you are trying to separate from the park depending on your zoning:

My park was built in the 1960s before zoning. The park’s footprint is 2.9 acres on a larger contiguous parcel of 22 acres. My city’s current zoning says you can have a maximum density of 3 homes per net acre on public sewer (on septic its even less). So for my 22 lots I would have to retain 7.33 acres if I were doing what you’re describing.

Long story short, check with the planning and codes department.

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I have a park that in the next several months i expect to go to settlement on land that is being sold off, and a second park that I am in the beginning stages of the same process. It really is dependent on the planning and zoning of the county that you are in. Best to hire a good engineer with a reputation for working with the office of planning & Zoning