Sub-metering question while tenants are on annual lease

The park I’m buying pays the water and sewer, the bills are totally out of hand. I’ll of course check for leaks prior to purchasing. Park also pays for cable.

The current tenants are under a one year lease, but the lease does NOT mention free water or cable.

Since it is not in the lease, does this make me free to start sub-metering water and sewer, and to stop paying for cable with proper notice?

I know laws vary by state, but does this sound reasonable since it’s not mentioned at all in the lease?

You need to research the state landlord tenant regulations unless someone on here that owns a park in your area can comment.
In my jurisdiction I would legally have to lower a tenants rent an appropriate amount if I was to begin to add additional charges. Keep in mind we are in a “nanny state” environment where the government protect them like incompetent children.

Greg I talked to an attorney today and you’re right. Even though it’s not in the lease. However I also found out that almost all leases have long expired. A stroke of luck.