Sub metered electric code?

Due diligence on a park with old sub meters running on 200A dual element fuses. Thoughts on old electrical wiring, sub meter boxes, etc. Code violations? I assume a lot of parks have old electrical panels how do you overcome this during due diligence? Park owners not going to upgrade.

Older stuff isn’t going to be to todays codes. Chances are wires will be too thin and main disconnect will be too small for amount of spaces it is servicing.
That being said, it can still work.
When it goes bad, you will have a bigger expense. You will need to replace more stuff to todays standards.

Not a deal killer, but just be aware.
Have you spoken with the owner’s electrician? What does he think of the system?
Ask the manager and maybe tenants about power outages during extreme hot or cold seasons.

Thanks for the response. Spoke with an electrician he didn’t seem overly concerned. My next concern is our county zoning is require 10’ between septic systems and homes. The homes in this park are almost covering the septics. Bring in new homes could be a permitting nightmare. Have you dealt with this before? One park owner says the county hardly looks at existing septic placement

Every county and State will be different.
Maybe reach out to other park owners in the area, see what their experience with the county is?
You also should be talking with the county to make sure the property isn’t on their radar.