Strange water line problem

This takes some explaining so bear with me.

I have a lot at the bottom of a slope where I just moved a home onto it. The well for the water line riser is 12" corrugated drain pipe. Whenever there is a rain storm or snow melt, the well fills up to the very top with water. Now, it doesn’t seem to freeze in the winter so the ground heat must be keeping it just above 32F. I use heat cable around my water pipes and I usually drop this down into the well. Unfortunately, it says on the instructions that heat cable cannot come into contact with water.

Here is the problem: The water level in the well rises and falls depending on rain and snow melt. As long as no ice forms, my water pipe is OK and shouldn’t burst. What happens when the water level in the well drops and I’m left with a space between the end of the heat cable and the top of the water? The pipe will of course be insulated with foam insulation but there could be a section that is not getting heated.

Does this make sense? Any suggestions?



Wheat HIll