Storm shelter design and thoughts of moving one

I’m in Minnesota and currently own 2 small parks and a 3rd property that used to be a park, but no longer is and never will be again. This used to be park still has the storm shelter there and it needs to be removed due to redevelopment, the storm shelter is actually pretty nice. It is precast concrete, 10 feet wide, 8 feet tall and 18 feet long. Box culvert style with a heavy metal door on each end. The concrete walls are 8" thick. It is in 3 sections, each 6 feet long. I am considering having it moved to another park that I own less than a mile away. I have got a bid from the local crane company to move it, $6500. That really set me back at first, but they told me that each section weighs 35,000 pounds, the ends weigh a bit more than that. Also, the price of a new one is far more than that, so financially it seems to make sense.

The park that I am looking to move it to does currently have an approved storm shelter, however, I have hopes of expanding this park in 2-5 years, adding up to 40 more lots, so I may need additional storm shelter capacity. I do currently own the land needed for this expansion.

I am wondering if storm shelter types need to be approved, or built to a set of specs or anything like that? I have tried to contact the Dept of Health here in MN who does the park licencing but have not heard anything back from them yet. Just trying to get ideas in order here. I’m assuming that I will need a properly prepared gravel pad for it to sit on due to the weight of it, can you think of anything else that I may need to be aware of?

I’m not sure if I’m jumping ahead of myself here by putting in a storm shelter for an expansion that hasn’t happened yet, the city is preliminarily on board, but no formal approval has been granted yet due to the city being at full capacity with their sewage plant currently. They are looking to expand into a larger capacity sewage system, but are thinking that this is 2-5 years out yet. Once the city has sewage capacity, then I could formally apply for the permit to expand.

I would appreciate all thoughts that you may have on the storm shelter design or requirements as well as installing a storm shelter prior to an expansion of the park.

A lot has to happen for the possibility of an expansion it sounds like. Personally I’d see if someone would be interested in buying the shelter and just pocket the cash (a bird in the hand). Maybe the city would be willing to foot the cost of moving the shelter if you allow it to be used by other local residents in an emergency. Just seems like a big cost that may/may not have a use in the future.

How much would this structure cost to replicate on the expansion if you didn’t have it?

I would try to sell it rather than move it. If no buyers step up it may be less expensive to demo and dispose of it. No point in spending income on something you don’t need and may never need. Just because you have something does not make it a good reason to spend money.