States which may be adverse to MHP owners

I am considering the following States in which to buy a MHP: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and possibly the western part of Texas.

Are any of these States “adverse” to a MHP owner? For example, they make it difficult to evict a tenant, etc

I would like to hear about your experiences and which States to avoid.

Thank you

I have never owned a MHP in two of those four states: New Mexico or Arizona. I can tell you from everything that I know that the only states that have laws that make life difficult are California, Florida and New York. But even then, the laws can be worked around, as long as you know the system. There are mobile home parks in 49 of the 50 states (Hawaii has none), and there are good deals in all of them, but you will have to look a lot harder in certain parts of the U.S. due to population density and demographics. My first question is why those four states?

Thank you Frank

My plan would be to manage the park myself. Personally I like the lower humidity of those States. I’ve lived in the south, the midwest, and the southwest, and at my age Houston isn’t as much fun in the summer as it used to be. But I a somewhat flexible and am trying to locate a fair deal. So moving to another State would not completely be out of the question.