SS bootcamp

Hi All,Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Steve and Corey’s self storage boot camp audio/videos?Thanks

I don’t (eBay, perhaps?)  PM me and I will give you Corey and Steve’s contact information.  But I must say, while their stuff was good, I think F&D’s is better, and certainly F&D’s reflects more current market valuations than the 2004 - 2006 valuations that prevailed when Corey and Steve were teaching.-jl-

We love to learn from others.  We have Frank & Dave’s CDs concerning Mobile Home Parks and are looking forward to attending their Mobile Home Park Boot Camp.We purchased Steve Case & Corey Donaldson’s Mobile Home Park CDs (The Ultimate BootCamp) from eBay and Steve kindly gave us a free copy of Lonnie Scrugg’s Book ‘Deals On Wheels’ (Thank you Steve).We have purchased multiple different Mobile Home Park CDs from eBay.If you search eBay every now and then, their CD for Self Storage should appear.However, since Jefferson said that he would give you their contact info, that would probably be your best bet :-).We wish you the very best!