Space you require one?

About 4 months after I bought a park in WA I had to evict a tenant who was a hoarder. He had filled a 4000 sq ft space with

over 25,000 lbs of junk. The cost of the clean up was huge. I implemented a space deposit. Any new home owners in the park have to post a $400 space deposit which if they ever leave the park and their space is clear on exit…I give them their $400 back. What do the rest of you do ?

P.S. The amount of junk was actually over 40,000 lbs. The tenant tried to pull his trailer out of the park without removing all the car parts, engines and other treasures…needless to say the trailer didn’t even make it out of the space before the frame snapped and the trailer was basically totalled. I got to demo his trailer too.