Someone doesn't like me

I just got rid of some really bad human garbage in my community. This scum fought me every step of the way but I just finally got them out this week. They had intimidated most of the community and having them gone has returned an immeasurable amount of peace and quiet to the entire community.

All is good, right?

For the past week or so, my truck has not been driving well. Something didn’t feel right with the steering. A couple of days ago, I noticed my front brake calipers were leaking on the driver’s side. Luckily, one of my helpers likes to wrench and said he would take care of the problem. As I was working on a home on Saturday morning, he called me over to show me something. My truck is a 4WD Nissan and there is a plastic cover over the locking hubs. A twist of the cover removes it and reveals Allen head bolts that hold the 4WD hubs to the end of the axle. All the bolts had been loosened on both wheels. These never come loose on their own. I often leave my truck in one part of the community while working in another and I am there usually until late at night. The only thing thing I can think of is that someone got to work really quickly when I was not around and loosened them up knowing that this could easily cause me to loose control. Especially as I usually use 4WD when it snows. Either no-one saw this happen or they were too intimidated to say anything. But the problem was caught in time and life goes safely on.

So what is the moral of this little tale? I haven’t a clue. Maybe this is what Corey means when he talks about “living the dream”:slight_smile: I relate this to let others (newbies) know just how tough and nasty this business can be (I’m talking turnaround parks here) and I really think this sort of stuff simply gets glossed over more often than not. I made getting rid of the scum I believe did it one of my top priorities and I would do it again. Dealing with people (?) like this can actually be dangerous but that is what goes with the territory. You just have to have the resolve to get rid of them and not let anything stop you. The results were worth it in the end as so many people have come up to me and thanked me for kicking them out.

As far as calling the police and reporting this is concerned, I have learned not to rely on them for anything. My experience pretty much mirrors that of of Fred Balke. They (the police) talk big and encourage your efforts to clean up the community but relying on them for anything other than the most dire of emergencies is an exercise in futility, IMHO.


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That’s scary! So sorry you are having to deal with this junk. Keep saying those prayers because it looks like you are being protected. I suppose you could get video equipment and park your truck such that it is exposed to the equipment. Messing around with your truck could put your life at risk, as you know. I would at least file a police report and document the experience.

Please stay safe and keep us posted.

Same thing happened to my wife’s van at one point after we purchased the worst turn around park we’ve done to date… same type people as you described. I’m happy to report that all is well and we have a decent little community now!

Vigilance to notice something was wrong has again kept you outa trouble and harms way. You’ll look back on your efforts and find it to be well worth everything you are going through now. =)

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Yes, Ryan, I tell myself that little mantra several times a day. Especially like right now as I head out to plant a few remaining spring bulbs. The thermometer is in the mid-20s and there is a strong wind blowing.



Don’t you wish global warming would hurry up and happen? Me too. But only from Nov-March.


A similar thing happened to one of my tenants. She is a waitress. As she was leaving work she hit the curb and a wheel fell off. That was actually fortuitous. Some guys inside checked the wheel & found fresh scratch marks where the bolts had been loosened. Apparently the plan was for the wheel to fall off 3-4 miles into the country on her way home. Her ex-boyfriend is a mechanic who does not pay ANY of his bills.

Now for the bizarre part: He has just taken a job as a police officer in a small town just down the road. The town is infamous for its corruption. You can’t make up this stuff.



My sincere wishes this or anything similar never happens to you or anyone again. But, knowing what people are like, I’m sure this type of immaturity will likely continue forever.

Not that you did anything wrong I want to share this with the group.

One of the strongest tools in our toolbox is the ability to get people to do things they don’t want to do while keeping some resemblance of peace and rapport. The best way to do this is by using INDIRECT PRESSURE from higher authority.

Over the years some of my talks with problem residents go like this:

The investors are making me do this… the bank is all over their butts and their taking it out on me… we’ve been missing our numbers and my butt is on the line… don’t take this personal - I’m only the messenger… put yourself in my shoes - I’m only doing my job… etc. etc.

The obvious goal is that the problem people do what you need them to do (leave) - while keeping the BLAME focussed on someone else - someone they do not know and who they can not hurt!

Again, Rolf - I’m not saying any of this would have worked in this particular situation. But this technique has helped me solve some pretty nasty situations for many many years.

Happy Holidays!



I do believe you are onto something and I will take a different approach with my next community. I have always been upfront in my dealings with residents over the years and have let everyone know that I am the owner and my word is final. This has worked fine with SFRs but appears to have some drawbacks when it comes to dealing with some of the people who reside in mobile homes. Can’t do anything about it now but I am already looking down the road to my next project and I plan to do a number of things differently.

Thanks for the info.



That is super advise, I know that it works very well…


Perhaps you can sell interest to a “group of investors”(in theory) and stay on as management.

If you email me your address, I will send you a buck & you will not be telling a lie.

The interest that I purchase has already been recieved by you sharing here.

Then “the investors” will be the heavy, & not you as Karl said.

You do not have to wait for the next project, you just need to update your speak.



You gave me an idea. My business partner and I are going to transfer the property from our names into an LLC in January. Perhaps a letter to everyone stating ownership has changed but I am still the manager might do the trick. I could even say the new owner is demanding a fast return on his money and is more strict than I.


There you go, now you will be “just the messenger”, & will have the “higher authority” to refer to.



Enjoy the freedom of being a middleman!!! Remember that for small entities most investors are always wearing multiple hats. To your family (and some friends) you can be the “stockholder, investor, beneficiary, etc.” But with the residents, when you have the manager hat on, then use the “stockholders, investors, beneficiaries, etc.” as leverage whenever possible. Best thing about this technique is that you are telling them the truth - the investors truly want the scum removed but you are the guy stuck with the job of making that happen!!



We actually told our tenants that the owners and some of their friends were coming to the park the day of MOM. One of our tenants (being evicted then and STILL in the process which is finally going to court on January 14) actually approached one of the group and asked if he could talk with Jim! The same woman was approached by our partner (who did not know she was being evicted) and was told the whole story about being evicted because she did not pay!

Some things are funnier than you expected them to be…this was one of them.


Keep on keeping on, as they say. We all learn from each other and you are opening my eyes to something I had forgotten about. So, THANK YOU.

I have been working in a older, run down, MH/RV park and saw much of what you said. What I saw happen was that once we “had someone leave” the property, they would return to “talk” to a neighbor. That created more turmoil then when they were living there. It seemed to start over what we thought was finished. Often they visited at night, when we were not around. We only learned this after talking to some of the residents who liked what we are doing and wanted it to continue.

You have made me wonder what I, a single woman, can do to prevent some of this activity to myself as I wonder into a new park to turn around.

Any suggestions? I already tell people, I am not the owner, only the manager.



You can call the sherriffs office, & talk to a Deputy. Have a trespass after warning citation issued for all evictions, then they can be arrested if they return.

If you make it policy, you are not the heavy, it is only procedure"due to problems in the past".

Let the evictee’s and the rest of the park know of this “new policy”.

Most folks will only do as much as they can get away with, if you have a “new set of teeth” (policy) then it will be too costly to chance.

The downside is that you may actually have someone arrested (bitten). After that you most likely will not have any more trouble, because word travels fast.