Some things are selling Good!

For the past 6 weeks or so my ads for Mobile Homes titled “WILL FINANCE - NO BANKS” have not been getting much response. Contrast this: I had loaned money and took an 1985 Harley Davidson FLH as colateral it was intact but very used- the borrower didn’t repay and I posted this motorcycle on craigslist this morning for $4900 - I was swamped with calls and emails and within a few hours I had cash in hand. This reminded me something that I have been lacking in my MH sales presentations has been “want” on the part of the customer - not “need.” The selling of the "want " is much more profitable. I recall from my MH sales lot days of many, many customers who would arrive and explain how they would only buy a well-built energy efficient MH with 2x6 sidewalls,vinyl/shingle and steel doors, oak cabinets - they were very specific - they knew what they were looking for and the salespeople would show them houses that met their requests…but when the salespeople couldn’t close the deal. Before they left the lot we would show them a house - that had had lots of “Alabama Flash” but none of the specs that had been required earlier - and the customers bought the Flashy house, it happened over and over. Our well built, well insulated homes never were good moneymakers. When dealing in used home in park sales -Does anyone have success with including TVs or gadgets to stimulate sales? Any other ideas to build up the “want”

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