Solar Light advice

I’m planning on putting 4X4 posts in every 150 feet and want to put a solar light cap on top of each post. Does anyone have a light that they have used and recommend? Thank you! Will

This project is right up our alley! :slight_smile: What is the primary purpose of your lights – for example, are they for security, to light a pathway, or to mark off your property line, or something else? Gama Sonic has several different cap lights and post lights that may fit your needs here. Please reach out Matt Cohen (Director, Commercial Sales for Gama Sonic Solar Lighting, and he’ll be happy to help you once he better understands exactly what you are looking for.

Of course, we all prefer solar lighting systems that are a breeze to set up where needed. Go for the ones that are wireless and don’t require an electrician when installing them.

I’m just getting ready to install 15 GammaSonic lights in a park. Will report back.