Society's Unsung Heroes

An article, by Chris Wood of Casey Research, copied without permission, or apology . Bernd Hanak



That is great!

Although I agree with the premise in the reported article, it ignores the reality that the Nobel Peace prize is given for political reasons, not peace reasons.

The Nobel Prizes in the sciences are a different story.


OMG!! you are eating the right wing line of crap hook, line and sinker… Obama deserved the award because he took this country away from the oil and ammo interests that put us in Iraq, left us hugging the tar baby in Afghanistan and brought our great country to the edge of economic collapse by making greed (not profit) honorable.

The wars we (not Obama) are engaged in were instigated by the criminals of the Bush gang that thought that torture was fashionable and made us look like hypocrites to our strongest allies while giving our adversaries fuel for anti-Americanism unmatched in the long history of our democracy.

There is a huge difference between entrepreneurship and political leadership. Your article confuses the two for the purpose of making our president look unworthy. It is strictly political propaganda

Sally Dear,

You are eating the same line of crap, hook, line and sinker, just the other end of the hot dog.


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Sally Dear,

You are eating the same line of crap, hook, line and sinker, just the other end of the hot dog.


Steve -

I guess you needed to post it twice to talk yourself into believing. If you think entrepreneurship and political leadership are one in the same I can understand your need to stutter


Everyone has an opinion on how our Country and the world should be. But to accuse the originator of this post of “eating the right wing line of crap” without knowing him or his life experiences at all is like OMG! way out of line. Not to mention using OMG! as the opening of your post reveals you as either someone between 12 & 25 or just a lame adult trying to be hip (which might explain the extreme left lean). Bernd has seen the world through more facets of political/social experience than probably anyone you have ever met. So e mail him ask him how he came to think like this and read his response (if he responds) with an open mind. Now Sally, don’t forget to bring up all my misspelling and misuse of punctuation in your reply because thats important to the conversation.


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Don -

The point is the equating of entrepreneurship and political leadership. One has nothing to do with the other. This is the type of blurring of lines that is typically used for character assassination by obscuring the real issue

You are doing the exact same thing. You are accusing me of immaturity to counter my point that Obama deserved the award.

I dont understand why you would recommend that I “e mail him ask him how he came to think like this”? This is an open forum. If I disagree am I out of line and not permitted to speak?

My sarcastic response to Steve was really to due to him addressing me as “dear” and the imagery of a hotdog. Both of these are discussing and condescending when aimed at the only female in the conversation.

Yes I am a political liberal I am 48 and have been in the MHP business since I was bought my first park at 23. .I’m sorry you dont like my verbiage, but again that is not the issue

Tell me why you disagree with my view of the facts of the topic.


If you are having any concerns in the MHP business, this is a great time for you as Obama will save you as he is saving the rest of the country. When your success in the MHP business reaches a certain point, he will take some of that success from you and pass it out to others who have not had your success. Most likely your tenants. BTW I don’t believe I saw landlording on Obama’s resume. Oh I’m sorry, I overlooked Community Organizer.


Larry -

What has anything you said have to do with equating of entrepreneurship and political leadership? You better stop watching Fox and try some independent thinking

I agree 100% that entrepeneurship & political leadership have nothing to do with each other. One group creates, while the other leeches off the accomplishments of others. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which group does what.

The award of the peace prize to the President was 100% political, given in the hope that he would do something in the future combined with the fact that he was not Bush. Based on those criteria pretty much anyone that got elected “deserved” the award.

You keep telling people to try independent thinking; maybe you should try a little of that yourself.


Watching MSNBC and reading your posts gives me a warm, tingley feeling up and down my leg.


Larry -

Guess you better clean up that puddle… :slight_smile:

Boyz this is getting silly. Lets talk about business and share our MHP experiences. That is why we all landed here in the first place.

I registered here to find out what other park owners were doing to protect their cash flow during this depression. Mine seems to have a virus.

Anyone with answers to bring my park’s income back to the levels of 2005 will be my hero. Any crusaders with 21 century solutions out there ?

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Good morning, Larry

If and only if, I were you, and obviously I am not, and if I felt low enough to answer a question which does not deserve a response, I would probably scribble to the non-reader :

a) The premise is not the equality of two entities, but rather their immoral inequality.

b) The third branch of philosophy is ethics and morality, which through a man