So I bought Tin Can Alley off Ebay

I’ve been looking for it for a year. I saw the auction, the guy has a cover of the book on there, so I won the auction. I’m embarassed to say what I paid, $75, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, and it’s out of print.

So, the seller sends me an envelope full of a pile of photocopied, three-hole punched paper! No cover. Was this thing ever in book form, or did this guy simply try to pull a fast one? It seems all of the chapters are there, but I still can’t help but thinking I’ve been had (he has likely violated copyrights too). I paid through Paypal, so I can easily get it back, but what “form” are most of your copies of Tin Can Alley in?

To my knowledge, David Butler never, ever produced the book in such a form and for good reason (so that one recevies photocopied versions they and he will know it is bootleg).

The bootleg copy is a copyright infringment, thus your seller is a crook. I can appreciate your honesty in pointing this out. Perhaps a word to ebay, to David Butler and a comment on Ebay about the seller will at leat warn others.


The seller hasn’t responded, so I opened a dispute through Paypal. Hopefully, I’ll get my money back and this guy’s feedback will definitely be flamed after said time.Tony Colella wrote: