Small lot sizes= A deal breaker?

I am looking at a park in the Midwest that is 70% filled and has mostly 16x70 lots sizes. Will it be difficult to fill lots that are this size? Are small lot sizes a deal breaker?

I am assuming mean that the lots will hold 16’ x 70’ homes, right? Not that the lots are 16’ x 70’ in size. If that’s the case, there is nothing wrong with lots that will hold 16’ x 70’ homes. You can find 2 bedroom homes all the way down to 14’ x 46’ in home size, so you are far from the limit. It’s good to have a mixture of home sizes lots, however, that hold some 76’ homes if possible. But no problem with what you’re proposing.

Thank you Frank, extremely helpful. And,yes the lots hold up to 16 x 70 homes.