Slow times made a little better

It seems every year Lonnie asks the question,“What did you do this past year to improve your investments?” And every year he points out that the year is gone whether we did or did not do anything to help make us financially free.

This year has been a tough one for many of us, me included. something I did this past week was enroll in an accounting class at the local community college. some basic knowledge in accounting is always good for investors to have and as an added bonus, this is my youngest daughter’s last quarter before transferring to UF to finish her degree in Mathematics…ironic really, I am taking Introduction to Accounting and Jen is taking Differential Equations. Guess who helps ME with homework now LOL.

Anyone else do anything new and exciting this past year?? come on share the wealth of ideas people!!

Any ideas on whether this will be a better or worse year for us MHP Owners and tin can investors??


My 2008 MHP goals were as follows: (I’m reading them from the bulletin board - where they have been posted for a year now)

Goal: Result:

Sell 6 Homes Sold 14 Homes(mostly off-lease)

Move-in 4 Homes Moved in 4 homes

Reduce insurance expense 25% Reduced 58%

Become proficient with financial calculator Done

Sell 4 Notes Sold 4 notes

Attend 3 networking events Attended 2 MHM & MOM

Taking those accounting courses speaks to your wisdom Greg. Everyone with a business or who is interested in getting into business should be able to fully understand each line of their Balance Sheet and Profit& Loss statement. How could you know if you are going the right way if you don’t know where you are?

on your goals. WOW! I wish i had nearly as well. It shows tough times don’t mean we lose sight of our goals…


Hello Greg, and All,

Yep another year gone, and man it was faster than any iv lived through yet, ( LOL)

Weve been kinda out of touch with the Mobile Home Community this past year, We still have our Park, but it has fallen into an redevelopment area for the City so no more homes can be brought in or updated, thought this was going to be a good comunity involment thing when it started, but has turned out to be the oposite , if they would buy me out for what its worth while its pumping its max income I would be satified , if I get smothered out and bought for land it will hurt, still have a few options but its a waiting game to see whats going to happen,

In the mean time we have started our focus on SFH’s as our investment choice and have purchased 11 this past year at 45% to 60% of true value,

Iv been reflecting for the past two weeks over the past year getting geard up for a bigger and prosperous 09

Sorry weve been out of touch and missed the last few MOM’s , this past year had been hectic with the Park Redevelopment Problems and our focus in the SFH’s ,although i have been learking around the forum here reguraly (LOL)

Take care /Happy Investing

Ricky Roland

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