Show us your projects and let’s fund it

Landmark Capital LLC offers a private lending facility for a range of business and investment purposes. Our objective is to build long term, mutually rewarding relationships with our borrowers. We have a long list of loan products and handle most of our requests on a case by case basis. Time is of essence and we value your time, We begin by asking you what type of loan you are interested in and we give you detailed information on that particular product. In addition to our standard commercial private mortgage loan, we have a specialized ‘boutique’ construction and development funding facility. We may be able to assist with additional access to funds for larger development transactions. Our aim is to provide a tailored lending solution for each of our borrowers.


Martin, How about some contact information. A quick google search that Landmark Capital is a popular name all over the world. Thanks, Richard

I am interested in a mortgage on a three unit in Auburn, Maine. It is not a mobile home park, it is a triplex. Right now it is rented, I will be planning to sell my home for the downpayment and move into one of the units. Alice

Please, check your email.

@martin Martin, are you a mortgage broker? If so, we are a direct lender to real estate investors in 30 states. We have historically for the last 15 years loaned on 1-4 unit and 5+ unit properties. However we just recently expanded that asset type to include offering bridge debt financing on some RV parks and Mobile Home parks. We gain many referrals from mortgage brokers, CPA’s, realtors, wholesalers, etc. Happy to look at any projects that need bridge debt. Rob

I am a direct private lender but thanks again.

@martin I may be interested in what you have to. offer. Send me a DM and we’ll go from there…