Shingles to protect the skirting

Has anyone used shingles to protect the mobile home skirting? If so, can you send pictures?


You just put the shingles on the ground under the skirting, to keep weeds and grass from growing right at the skirting. Simple weed barrier!

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We do that any time we replace underpinning on a home. Some people might say it looks tacky, but I promise you it looks 100 times better than having 1) tall grass and weeds growing next to the underpinning, 2) dead tall grass and weeds next to the underpinning (tenant sprayed with weed killer and left it); or 3) hundreds of small holes in the underpinning caused by weed eating around the skirting over the years.

Just buy the cheapest shingles you can find, flip them upside down and put halfway under the home, with the other half outside the home with the ground channel sitting on top to hold it down. Very simple. Even buying new shingles should only cost $75 per home (3 bundles per home typically).