Sewer Plug

I have an older park with, I believe, 4" sewer lines. Though I’ve admonished the tenants repeatedly not to throw stuff into the system, it still happens. I’m now plugged, and the plug appears to be farther down the line than a 100’ snake can get to from the nearest cleanout. So, my guys are digging, trying to locate the main line, to install a new cleanout, from which they can get to this plug. It seems to have happened in this location numerous times, so having a cleanout in this location would be good.

Problem is, the main line doesn’t seem to run in a straight line between the existing cleanouts. They’ve dug for a few hours, now, and can’t seem to locate the main line! I’m not there, and am trying to manage this by phone.

Any thoughts?



While they have hole dug looking for the main, send the snake down and turn it on when you think you are close to where the snake and the hole meet. You should be able to hear it if your fairly close.