Sewer Line Repair

We are under contract on a park and the city is requiring us to do an inspection on the entire parks sewer lateral lines. Absolutely crazy since the park is on city water and city sewer. Every line has to be inspected via a camera. The seller agreed to split the cost of the inspection so we went forward as all our other due diligence has been done and it all looked good even if there are costly sewer repairs that will need to be done. On the positive side, at least we will know exactly what every inch of the sewer lines condition is.

We now got the inspection back and there are a number of sewer laterals that failed due to root intrusion. The inspector said we can repair using a sewer sleeve. My question is, does anyone have any experience with using a system called a sewer sealer sleeve when doing repairs. Seems like it would be much cheaper than digging up the lines that need replacement. Do they usually charge a per foot cost to this type of system? Id like to get some info on it before I speak with the plumber who will be doing the repairs. Thanks in advance and Frank and Dave are right about cities and there crazy systems they have in place. This city states they do this to reduce the sewer outflow when there is a lot of rain and snow that infiltrates the broken sewer lines.

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