Sewer Camera scope - PVC pipe

I’ve got PVC sewer pipe installed in 1982. Bulletproof? no need for sewer camera scope?

you always need one - it doesn’t matter.


Scope will verify the pipes are in good conditions with no low spots that are prone to back up

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That’s a huge gamble. Doesn’t matter when it was installed. I have seen a lot of infrastructures that were incorrectly done by a certified plumber. Sometimes, the owner can cut costs too and trench it themselves to save a buck - this can lead to improper slope, bellies all over the place - if not one huge belly, and separations. Often, a plumber may not connect pipes well. In summary, PVC and year it was installed has no weight on the quality. It is also common for owner to report that it is all the same and may honestly think it is all the same because they have not looked at all the runs themselves! Then, it turns out that some of it is the wrong schedule PVC, some ABS, some bad transitions from one type to another, etc, etc. Just last month, we discovered two Frankenstein systems that the owners reported as being in good condition - Frankenstein system: almost all plumbing types used imaginable - especially when parks are built in different phases (concrete, iron, pvc, abs, clay) with bad transitions and problems. In conclusion, don’t skip, but you also have to know what you are looking at to know how much of a problem it is, and you have to stand side-by-side with the average plumber otherwise it will not be done properly. Ie, the average plumber will run off after looking at a few runs, will not go slow enough and back up to look at problem spots, will not narrate the problem, will give up on finding all the access points, will give up on mapping how the lines run, etc. I have even had an instance a few months ago where a junior plumber was incorrectly identifying the type of line! Hope that helps ~ Steve