Service dogs and Application lies questions

Hey guys I have two questions that I am looking for help with.

The first is in regards to service dogs and I know the laws vary by state. I know you can’t discriminate against people with a disability who utilize a service dog but I was wondering what verifications you guys use to confirm that the animal is a service animal? Also if they have a pit bull for example as the service dog will that affect the insurance of the park?

The second question is in regards to a tenant with a criminal record who misrepresented some things on their application. I’m obviously not going to rent to her after finding out she has falsified information but I’m wondering how I should handle telling her that. Do I keep it brief and say I’m sorry but we have decided to go with another tenant or do I let her know that I found out she lied on the app and that’s the reason we’re not renting to her or do I just not respond and only say something if she calls to follow up? I’m leaning towards being brief and vague but I wanted to get everyone’s opinion. Thanks in advance guys!


Hi @RyanW

There are lots of threads on both of these topics. Support dog must have doctors note and property owner may stipulate aggressive breeds not allowed. Check with attorney as laws vary by state as you mentioned. Your insurance company can provide a letter supporting the position.

The amount of feedback you give to a denied applicant is up to you, but your process needs to be consistent and ensure you’re not opening yourself up to legal issues for discrimination. Many here just say, “your application was denied” to keep it simple. Review your process with an attorney if you plan to provide detailed feedback.

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As a landlord I never tell any applicant why they were rejected. Unless your state regulations require you to provide a reason it is my private business information and not the right of the applicant to know.
When asked I simply inform the applicant that I do not provide that information.