Sequence of Park Repairs

I may acquire a park that has issues in all facets of operations. I wanted to formulate a plan of attack to improve the park and wanted feedback. My thoughts are to increase the aesthetics and incorporate the feedback of the posts in this forum as I hit each area. All homes are park owned.

  1. Address life/safety work orders
  2. Landscape- cut and remove dead trees and overgrowth
  3. After a reasonable compliance timeframe under new park rules remove junk from lots
  4. Cool seal roofs
  5. Repair Skirting
  6. Paint homes
  7. Complete internal work orders

I would swap numbers 2 and 7. Or at least evaluate them. The park I just bought, most of the homes had a ignored plumbing or roof leak somewhere and all the issues that go with water.

If not all outstanding repairs, at least the leaks and serious repairs.

We typically prioritize homes like this:

  1. Occupied homes that don’t meet habitability or are in obvious need of TLC
  2. The vacant homes closest to completion
  3. The exteriors of the worst homes
  4. The interiors of the worst homes

The goal is to increase/maintain occupancy as quickly as possible. Extra money coming in is very useful when you get to items 3 & 4. Completing the exteriors of the worst homes can sometimes also result in a few handyman special sales.

Your junk from the lots can be handled simultaneously by bringing in some roll-off dumpsters (you’ll need them for your renovations) and sending out something to the effect of:

From (date) to (date) there will be roll away dumpsters located at (locations). Please take advantage of this once only, free opportunity to bring your lot in compliance with the rules that were distributed to you on (date). Once these dumpsters are hauled off, we will begin enforcement of the ($x) fine. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the park manager.

There will be people who test you here so enforce the fine and look to set a firm precedence on this issue. i.e. an aggressive response to those who do not comply with it. Turn-arounds mostly require a take no B.S. mentality.

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Thank you Coach62. Yes, I define life/safety to include water leaks, plumbing problems, etc. I agree.

CharlesD, thank you for the feedback. I can tell you are an experienced operator based on your posts despite recent forum feedback to the contrary :wink: