Septic tank lines in a traler park

hello i live in a trailer park the person that run the trailer park will not fix the line here cause he is a ex sheriff of miller county arkansas bu the drain lines run over my house from his septic tank from out in front of my house and it has a deep smell about it the man just will not fix this trouble , he tell me that is cause from all the rain we had in the last few weeks now , but this has been going on now for the last 10 years cause i have been here in this trailer park living with this trouble for that time and the man will not fix the trouble cause it will cost him to much to have it done and he is the landlord of the place what can be done about all this now , need a good answer thank you the person that live in the trailer park in miller county arkanas on count road 57 .

Simply call your local DEQ or health department and they have 24 hours to response to the situation and tell you of their findings. It is not a requirement to give your name.

Carl is correct, it’s a serious health threat, call your states health department.

If that doesn’t work, call your local news channels, one of them will probably run the story.

Michael, Carl and Coach are correct. It doesn’t matter who the landlord is, he needs to keep the property safe and habitable. You can help the authorities by taking pictures, making notes, getting statements from neighbors and so on. In defense of the landlord, excessive rain might cause problems, especially if anyone has tied roof gutters or yards drains to a septic tank, which is a no-no.
Jim Allen