Septic Tank Inspection

I have a park under contract. The park was built in the 90s. I am doing the due diligence on this park currently. When I call the septic tank inspection companies, they are asking for $300 per tank. For a 40 lot park, it will cost me close to $12,000. Obviously, this is cost prohibitive and not needed this level of inspection.

  1. Please help with exact phrases that I need to mention when I call these septic tank companies. Appreciate your help. It would be great how you went about inspecting the tanks, leach fields, and pumps, etc.

2). Do we need to inspect the septic pumps as well?

3). Which City department I have to call? and what information should I get from them?

Best Regards, Raj.

Which state is the park in?

North Carolina (NC). Does this vary by state?

Message me your contact number. I know the exact park you are looking at.

it is 318-235-5720. Thanks in advance. Appreciate it.