Septic Systems / Land Limits / Rural

Current MHP has six septic systems with 70 lots. Two of the six have been redone in the past two years, which are dating back to the 1980s. There is no possibility of city sewer/water. We are running into the issue of running out of land as seeing the engineering costs are drastically increasing the land used (minimal).

Has anyone encountered this? Are holding tanks a viable option, with an increased rent amount (which would be substantial)? A wastewater treatment facility is out of the question. Looking for insight.

Thank you

Can throw an aerobic tank into the mix

If you use an ATU (alternative treatment unit) you can reduce the size of your drain field by up to 80%.
The effluent comes out so clean you can practically send it down a creek.

Pricey systems. I had a quote done and it was about $750K for 25 or so units.
The drain field we designed was like a pressurized drip irrigation system.

Also, many health departments will require an annual inspection and/or a certified operator.