Selling park just outside Ann Arbor MI

Since several have asked I’ll put info up…
Park is located in South Lyon MI with great demographics on a beautiful private lake.
In place LOT RENT only income is $135000(does not include home rent, boat storage, or laundry income). Expenses around 40%. 5 POHs get up to $100 extra. 11 homes on the lake get $490 and 13 off lake get $450. All occupied with one empty lot. Park serviced by well and alternating septics. Asking $1.15M. If interested send email and I can send more info.

Hi there-

I know of a couple investors who may be interested. Could you send me more information please?

My email is

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Interested, please send email to

If it is still available I’d like to take a look. FYI I’m in a 1031 exchange.

Interested please send information to
Thank you in advance.