Selling P&C Insurance

Does anyone on this forum have experience in and/or looked into selling P&C insurance to customers who are buying homes in their parks? I bought a value-add park last year and have been moving in homes to resell with financing. We require mobile owners insurance on the homes being sold. I have just been referring buyers to an independent insurance broker that uses Standard Casualty Company as their main underwriter. Considering the large number of homes we plan to sell in this park and (hopefully) other parks down the road, I am wondering whether it would be worthwhile to obtain a personal lines property & casualty insurance license and then team up with a manufactured housing carrier.

I realize that the earned commission on one policy is not much and that someone would probably need to write a half-dozen policies a year just to break even with licensing fees, continuing education costs etc. However, it seems to me that if a retailer is selling and writing policies on 12+ homes per year it might be worth looking into.