Selling off rentals

I have a park under contract that has 8 park owned homes being used as rentals. Any advice on the best way to approach getting rid of those? Send the 8 families letters at close that they’re being transitioned over to rent credit program agreements, and will earn credits toward a low purchase price, and until purchase will be asked to take care of minor maintenance on the homes?

I should preface too that the homes are 1990s 1 bedrooms (yikes I know)

I would simply send them a notice that the homes are to be sold and ask them to contact you for information if they are interested in buying. No reason to assume they are interested though.

I think this all depends on your local market and what vacancy you have.

Are these homes you want to keep in the park? If you don’t mind having them in the park keep renting them out and screen your tenants well. You will have higher rental income. If you don’t want them in the park see them off on Craig’s list and hope you have buyers!