Seller Financing/Lease Option

First, thank you to everyone on this forum. The amount of knowledge available here is priceless.

I have searched the forum for this topic and cannot seem to find what I need. I would like to place some offers using seller financing but more importantly, using a lease with buy option. I have used the CAR (Cal Ass of Re) forms before, but they really are not tailored for this kind of purchase.

I have been told that a NNN Lease would be the paperwork to go with. Short of downloading a generic form off of the internet, does anybody have forms that they use that I could adjust to my needs?

I have contacted a RE attorney locally and she wants $1600 plus for me to supply the forms. She wants to use the RE forms and according to my broker, they are not suited for the deal except maybe the purchase agreement. I am not sure if it is standard for the attorney to require the client to provide forms or not, but that seems a hefty price for me to have to supply her with that. I will not be using her services since she wants to use forms I have been told will not cover everything, but was wondering in general.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


All those forms are in the Resource Library, which is given to all who attend the Bootcamp.


P.S. I receive no compensation from anything sold on this website. Unfortunately! (:P)

If you really want the forms, but maybe are not yet ready to commit to the bootcamp- there is another option.

On Ebay- and probably on the main mobilehomeparkstore web site you can buy the homes study course, which includes all of the forms. Well- it says it includes all of the forms, you might email Brandon, the main guy that keeps the blood flowing on this site to confirm. It is about $600 on Ebay…

So my disclosure- now many moons ago I was part of the traveling crew that helped put on the bootcamps, and I also presented a segment at the bootcamps. I am no longer affiliated so any consulting etc I do is not through MHPS or MHU…

that said- this is the most bang for the buck you can possibly get in the mobile home park investing business-

Thank you guys for the responses. I will be checking into the course.

If you are new to MHPs and are serious about becoming an owner, not attending the boot camp is a big mistake. The boot camp tuition is a pittance when compared to the tuition costs for the University of Hardknocks.

The bootcamp is a great mass class in finding, putting under contract and operating mobile home parks. That is an option- but not your only option. I got in the business using a mentor / partner. I attended / presented at the bootcamps after I was an owner. Was there additional value- you bet. Lots of additional value.

Even after a bootcamp I think a partner / mentor / coach or something to walk through the process is invaluable. The eyes and experience of someone that has climbed that hill, fought the battles and has some battle scars brings comfort and confidence to the process. So keep your options open. There are lots of ways across any space- you do not need to pre plan all of them.

If your intention is clear- the process will appear.

Very well put Jim. Thank you for that insight.

I will definitely attend a boot camp I just can’t say it will be before I own a park. My mind is set and my determination/stubbornness :grin: has kicked in full force. A mentor is a great idea and something I haven’t thought of so thank you.