Self Directed IRA to get investors for Mobile Homes

Has anyone looked into getting investors to invest in Mobile Homes placed into their parks through a Self Directed IRA?

If so, what is the return on investment that is offered and for what time period?


I have made many posts on this subject - search for my posts - or I generally talk about Financial Friends. You’ll get a ton of info on this.

To answer your question quickly - we pay financial friends 10-12% for 4 yrs. This payment is about what our residents pay on the home. So we get all the funds for a used home, Lease option it out - they pay it off for 4 yrs, and most importantly get lot rent from day one, so we are in the black from day one.

The home is being paid for 6-7 yrs by the resident - IF they stay. If they don’t the clock restarts. You’ll be surprised how fast four years goes by, then you get the whole income. It’s a SWEET deal for everyone.

Do search some of my posts - great info and banter there by others as well.

Hope this helps.

TY - Are there investor groups or financial advisors that can help you finder interested investors.

I just throw it out to my friends - Drs, Attys, Chiros, Dentists, etc. I’ll even put it out on Facebook:

“I have a $25,000 note for sale - it pays 5.75% for 4 yrs. Who do you know who is only getting .15% on a CD at the bank?”.

“Selling your notes” is a great way to find investors. That type of ad you can even put in the newspaper, Craigs List, Shopper paper, etc.

I’ve raised a couple hundred thousand in the last year or so like that. 15 here, 100 there, 35 somewhere else. the 15ks turn into the 100ks in a 6 months, so be patient.

There are a TON of people out there right now - who were relying on their nest egg to provide them with income when they need it most. I had an awful 13% note accruing and now with the timing being so good, I put it out there 105,000 note at 5.65% for 30 yrs. It is on a property we have sold at 250,000 at 8%, so I had plenty of wiggle room. But most importantly, it was exactly the 600±/mo one of our friends needed to supplement his income. Done.

Right now with these CRAZY interest rates out there - is the PERFECT time to borrow stiff from financial friends short term - AND to get great rates for longer terms from older folks who need it now.

And remember, for regular folks, right now in this market, anything over 6 sounds too risky, so even though you’re able to pay more, I would not make that offer. you’ll get more takers at 5.15%, than you will at 8.

Hope this helps.